Part of the Shifting Centers experience is focused on contemporary African dance; yet, in conjunction with this objective, the project is also focused on issues of accessibility, technology, and overall resources available to choreographers and artists in Senegal, Mali, Kenya, and Morocco. Here is a short clip that addresses some of the cultural context we have experienced in Dakar, Senegal.

Photography and post by Kristen Jeppsen Groves

  1. Kayla Smith says:

    What I find most interesting in this video is the last few seconds when Kristen mentioned how the dancers typically sit around at the end of the day to discuss current issues in the contemporary dance field. The Socratic Method is perhaps my most favorite form of discussion and learning. It has a very philosophical feel to it, and my career path will be taking me towards this sort of focus. Thus, I have a tendency to favor this method.
    Additionally, I liked seeing both Africans and Caucasians in the class, however I wish the video had further explained if all of these dancers are from Africa, who is from America, who is from Europe, etc.

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