Gaby Saranouffi Speaks on her solo “MOI” at KINANI Contemporary Dance Festival, Mozambique

Posted: November 28, 2011 in African Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Dance, KINANI, Madagascar, Mozambique, Women and Dance
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I interviewed Gaby Saranouffi at the KINANI Contemporary Dance Festival in Maputo, Mozambique in November 2011.  Gaby’s new solo “MOI” speaks on women, sexuality, strength, abuse, aggression, and beauty.  Her embodied narrative moves in and around a small set of lights- reframing and framing her  female body, within the Malagasy cultural context.  In this interview she articulates the process of creating this solo and the societal narratives that she draws upon from both a personal and a political place.

Saranouffi is also the founder of I’ Trotra Contemporary Dance Festival in Madagascar.  This festival brings together dancers from all over Madagascar and internationally for workshops dance as well as performances.  See

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