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ARIRY ANDRIAMORATSIRESY is based in Antanarivo, Madagascar. He studied dance with Raúl Olivera and a troupe of Cubans dancers, which the Madagascan government brought in to instruct teenagers. He later studied dance at L’École Normale Superieur in Madagascar. There he became adept in a variety of movements, including martial arts. After university, he ran studio classes and then later formed his own company, Compagnie Rary, which has toured internationally.  He currently directs Labdihy, which is dance lab where choreographers and dancers are immersed in workshops and masterclasses with local and international artists.


Interview and dance video footage of South African choreographer Peter John Sabbagha and dancers of The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative that performed an excerpt of “Deep Night” at the Danse l’Afrique Danse 2010 in Bamako, Mali.

The dancers are phenomenal and Peter addresses South African contemporary dance, HIV, sexuality, race, and apartheid in this short interview. This work integrates video installation onstage and Peter addresses this in his interview.