Hind Benali, Choreographer, Director of l’Association Fleur d’Orange, and Action Danse Festival director discusses Action Danse 2010, held in Meknes, Casablanca, and Rabat, Morocco. In the video there are features of the work of Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project, Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre, Momar Ndiaye & Bamba Diagne, Cie Metiss’age, and A’kadda. In addition there is footage from the student workshops in Meknes and Casablanca.

  1. David Piper says:

    This is really awsome the way that Hind Benali and Action Danse are bringing the wonder and joy of dance to young people of Morocco. Since Benali mentioned how there are few dance schools in that country, it is heartening to know that despite the rough economic situation that has gripped much of the world, Art is still being taught and shared through movement.

    It was also fascinating to see how some of the choroegraphy in the pieces performed resembled (in my opinion) urban styles that you see in America (especially where I live, in Washington, DC.).

    Thank you for posting this and letting us folks here in America know more about the important developments in dance occurring in Africa!

  2. Thanks for your comments David.
    Yes, movement travels and circulates so quickly through media, teachers, and diasporic exchange.



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