Peter John Sabbagha- South African Choreographer

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Interview and dance video footage of South African choreographer Peter John Sabbagha and dancers of The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative that performed an excerpt of “Deep Night” at the Danse l’Afrique Danse 2010 in Bamako, Mali.

The dancers are phenomenal and Peter addresses South African contemporary dance, HIV, sexuality, race, and apartheid in this short interview. This work integrates video installation onstage and Peter addresses this in his interview.

  1. Jenny Heslop says:

    The footage of Peter John Sabbagha’s “Deep Night” combined aggressive movement with stillness and minimalism, making the dance extend to the visual images displayed as the dancer’s background. The piece’s natural, raw, and edgy tone stripped the dancers to their primal emotions leaving them exposed, and most importantly, not ashamed. I think that the use of shadows in the work were made to represent how AIDs was pushed into the dark for so long, and when the dancer is shown in the light of the video screen we see glimpses and images of it coming into being. The fact that the dancers’ movement feels so exposed and open is a symbol of hope to AIDS victims and to the people affected by it that it is okay to talk about it. The videos demonstrating time lapsing shows how this has been prevalent in society for such a long time and, yet, has never really been brought into the light the way that Sabbagha is doing with his work. I was thoroughly moved by his work and his creativity and purpose in capturing such a powerful topic and depicting it with such humanity.

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